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What I’ve Learned After our Miscarriage

I have briefly explained The Wife and my experience getting pregnant and then losing the baby.  Well, this is a guest post describing what she has learned along the way.  If you want to learn more about her or her other insights, check out her blog at After the Alter. I was talking to my friend theContinue Reading

Success: It Starts with Yourself

Success: It Starts With Yourself Success comes to those who know themselves, apply themselves to the goals, and believe in themselves. Let the next success story be yours now! To paraphrase Thomas Edison, the great American inventor, success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Indeed, nobody becomes astoundingly successful on luck, likelihood andContinue Reading

The More You Know About Investing, The Less You Know About Investing

A professional baseball player knows more about baseball strategy than does a little leaguer.  A nutritionist is more likely to be able to figure out why you have been feeling run-down lately than is your next-door neighbor.   The buyer in a woman’s fashion store is better informed about what colors are trendy today than youContinue Reading

Beware of the Emotional Herd by Wade W. Slome

We are living through unprecedented times in our economic history and the urge to give into the all-consuming panic spreading across the airwaves is very tempting. Unfortunately, succumbing to the pressures of following the herd produces suboptimal investment returns over the long run. The appropriate tactic is to invest objectively and independently, not emotionally. OrContinue Reading

Teach Your Children Well – Financial Education Starts at Home

Financial struggles and poor money decisions are the kind of thing you might not even wish upon your worst enemy. If you’ve been through the money wringer yourself, you don’t want anyone else to experience similar suffering. That’s even more true when applied to your offspring. As a parent, you want your kids to enterContinue Reading

5 Ways to Save Money when Planning your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a weird experience.  You may start out not wanting a very elaborate ceremony, but the more you find out about all the cool things you can go with a wedding the more money you want to spend. After all, why just elope to the county courthouse when you can elope toContinue Reading