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How to Retire Wealthy

This is a Guest Post by Fellow Yakezie Member, Derrick from Life and Finances. Personally, I love the name of this website, “My Journey to Millions”. Perhaps some of you think it’s egotistical to proclaim that you’ll be a millionaire, but I’d have to say that you’re dead wrong. We should all be on ourContinue Reading

Pulling Your Money Out of the Market

Occasionally you will be confronted with major payments you need to make at a moment’s notice – house repairs and medical bills fall into this category. If you have invested your savings in the market this can prove to be a significant challenge as getting money out of stocks and bonds right away might forceContinue Reading

How Does a Balance Transfer Work?

A balance transfer credit card can be a tricky proposition, and if you aren’t familiar with the process, it can cost you money. It’s not complicated to transfer a balance from one credit card to another; a 0% balance transfer can even save you much, but there are issues you should be aware of beforeContinue Reading

Are Tax Free Savings Accounts Worth It?

Article written by UK based Writer.  This article is definitely for the UK based readers of My Journey to Millions, but I think it’s important to gain a different perspective of the account options available elsewhere. In the US the equivalent of an ISA is an IRA – Individual Retirement Account, so there is someContinue Reading

Has ‘Save! Save! Save!’ replaced ‘Spend! Spend! Spend!’?

It was only a few years ago that many people seemed to have espoused a ‘Spend! Spend! Spend!’ mentality whereby items would be bought on credit, often with little regard as to how or when they would actually be paid for. But new research in the UK and the US has found that there mayContinue Reading

Costs to Remember When Looking Into a New House

This is a Guest Post from Paula Pant, the blogger at If you like it — “Like” it on Facebook!  Paula Pant, teaches you to live richly + savor life. Check out her site, and follow her on Twitter @AffordAnything. Now that Evan and his wife have heralded the arrival of Baby Boy –Continue Reading