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What to Look for When Taking out a Home Insurance Policy

Home insurance is something that all homeowners need to have. It is split into buildings insurance and contents insurance and, while you can usually buy these policies separately, it often makes better financial sense to buy them as a complete home insurance package. Buildings insurance covers the property itself, including any permanent fittings, as wellContinue Reading

5 Ways to Save Money When Booking Your Holiday and 5 More Ways to Save When You Get There

With new environmental taxes, higher fuel costs and a global recession, the days of the ultra-low budget, flexible holiday seem all but over. It is still possible however to book holidays at bargain prices and the savings don’t have to stop there as it is possible to continue to make savings once you reach yourContinue Reading

My 3 Step Plan To Reduce Food Costs

With money tight these days and my expenses higher than they should be, I’ve recently undertaken an effort to be more economical and lower my core costs. These costs include those allocated for housing, transportation, and food. First, I worked to lower my housing costs by refinancing my mortgage, specifically by reducing the terms ofContinue Reading

Researching Foreign Investments

When you don’t live in a country it can be incredibly difficult to research any potential investments. With different currencies, government structures and cultures, it can soon become a deadly minefield of lost money and stressed phone calls. This is why it is so incredibly important to research all investments thoroughly. In years gone byContinue Reading

The Insurance You Need for Common Winter Accidents Icy Road Driving

Traffic speeds slow as the temperature drops and winter begins. Most drivers are cautious on icy roads, which can look dry and secure, but be deceptively slick and dangerous. It’s important to travel carefully to avoid common winter accidents; however, some accidents can’t be prevented, so make sure you’re covered by automobile insurance that willContinue Reading

My Route To The Leisure Class

When the phrase “leisure class” comes to mind, most people picture private jets, large mansions, and vast family fortunes. They envision people who hold careers as an investment banker, surgeon, or tax lawyer. In short, the general conception is that the leisure class comprises an exclusive group and reflects an unattainable status. This is patentablyContinue Reading