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Get Premium Value on Your Car Insurance Policy

Having the best insurance policy doesn’t necessarily mean getting the lowest price on the market for your car.  Price is an important feature of the cover that you need, but there’s a lot more to getting the right policy than just basing your selection on price alone.  Let’s look at the real value of yourContinue Reading

Top structured settlements facts

A Structured settlement is no longer just a source of monthly income these days; it can come up as a great financial support and portfolio balancer for many of the people. However, there is a lot of confusion about this particular financial instrument among people. Understanding and dealing with this particular instrument is a bitContinue Reading

Understanding the complete process of structured settlement selling

The most obvious reason for which people decide to sell their structured settlement is that they want money in lump sum rather than getting it in installments. They take care of the pressing matter of present time by selling off a part or whole of their future regular payment source. Selling structured settlement is notContinue Reading

Five Money Saving Tips for SMEs

If your business is looking to cut back on the expenses, you may be glad to know that there are thousands of ways to cut down on company outgoings so that you can start saving money. Here are just five of them: 1 – Choose the right financial exchange broker If you happen to dealContinue Reading

Adding Negative Correlation to Your Portfolio

2013 rewarded most equity investors. Backed by broad market strength, the Dow, S+P 500 and NASDAQ each neared record highs. Several economic indicators are fueling optimism in 2014, as well. Low interest rates are keeping borrowing costs down, allowing cheap access to capital for companies to expand. A weak U.S. Dollar allows American products toContinue Reading

Direct Car Excess Reveiw provides insurance to cover the excess on your hire car insurance, which can often add up to hundreds of pounds or maybe more. They know that hiring a car can be a source of worry especially when trying to sort out an insurance claim, and aim to provide a quick and easy service forContinue Reading