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Just wanted to share that I passed a few tests that my employer required (one was last week, one was last night).  I passed the Series 6 which Wikipedia defines as, The Investment Company Products/Variable Life Contracts Representative Exam, commonly referred to as the Series 6, is a multiple choice exam that registers an individual to transactContinue Reading

Knowledge is Power

In my opinion, in order to truly know your candidate one must understand all sides of said candidate, and then you put those issues in to order based on your personal priorities.  It is a huge pet peeve of mine, when hippie liberal friends of mine (I have plenty as do most that went toContinue Reading

Random Promotion – DVDXPress

This is does not really have anything to do with personal finance, but I found this really cool promotion so I thought I would share.  DVDXpress says they are, a leading owner and operator of automated DVD rental systems in the United States. Since 2001, our focus has been on providing movie lovers with theContinue Reading

Tax Sensitive Will a/k/a By Pass Will

This is my 3rd post in this Will Series – The By Pass Will. If you want to check out the previous two posts they are: Every one Needs a Will The Simple or I Love You Will The type of Will I am going to explain has many many names, but a few ofContinue Reading

My Greatest Asset

Like most people, my thoughts first sprung to monetary, liquid assets (bank accounts, brokerage account, heck even my condo, etc). Then I realized that since I am just starting my journey NONE of those things are very large, nor can they be considered “great” no matter how you want to define the word. This isContinue Reading

TradeKing Offer

I use TradeKing for my day to day trading, and I just received this e-mail: NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY IS OVER. BUT YOUR CHANCE TO PROFIT FROM IT ISN’T. Refer a friend to TradeKing now, and you’ll both get 50 bucks. Dear Investor: At TradeKing, National Friendship Day is one of our favorite holidays. But don’t feelContinue Reading