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Leave your Retirement Accounts Alone!

I often check the online personal finance section of the Wall Street Journal (found here); many times I find interesting articles which range from the topics credit card debt all the way to macroeconomic theories, but in all honesty, today’s top headline frightened me! The title of the article is, “Investors Pull Money Out of Their 401(k)s”Continue Reading

Series EE Bonds, Income Tax Planning and Estate Planning

I have always prided myself in my research abilities, whether it be during my undergraduate years, post-graduate education, or during my working career.  In fact I would have to say at least I spend at least 5 to 10 hours a week researching random questions for planners at my firm.  While clerking (basically working forContinue Reading

Carnival of Personal Finance #170

My Article comparing the CDs vs. High yield savings account found (here) was chosen to be apart of the Carnival of Personal Finance #170 found (here).  The Personal Financier went above and beyond highlighting way over 40 or so blog entries for this Carnival. Here are a few that, in my humble opinion are aContinue Reading

Inflatable Union Rat – Why?!

Maybe this post is personal finance, maybe it is not…but since it is my blog I can rant if I want to.  For the past 4 or 5 months on my way home from work I pass a construction site with a HUGE inflatable rat.  Everyday there are 3 to 4 guys who sit nextContinue Reading

The Certificate of Deposit Debate Rages on!

While reading some of my favorite blogs, I came across a great blog, No Debt Plan (which I admittedly don’t think I have ever read before).  It turns out, Kevin, was struggling whether to purchase a  CD, a few days before, and his eventual decision was made subsequent to my post on the subject. I thought it would beContinue Reading

Are Certificate of Deposits (CDs) worth it?

I can’t be the only one out there, but I can’t grasp why people would do invest/purchase a Certificate of Deposit (CD).  Specifically, I am focusing on the 1 year CD because anything shorter has terrible yields and anything longer poses too much of an interest rate risk for my tastes.  I started thinking aboutContinue Reading