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15 vs 30 Year Mortgages – Longer is better!

I read an interesting post that really got me thinking today. It was written by a great blogger nicknamed Money Hawk, if you have never read his blog I implore you to check it out. He wrote a great post titled “Kick Financial Ass With a 15 Year Fixed Mortgage.” His basic premise is simplyContinue Reading

Credit Cards that Help? Not for me just yet

I have discussed in the past that being that I am not out of debt, a rewards card is not a good decision…right now, but every so often I think about the rewards associated with credit cards. Regardless of my personal situation, I found an interesting article  in Wall Street Journal titled, “Credit Cards HelpContinue Reading

DVDXPress Promotion

Just received an email that expires tonight so I wanted to get it up here quickly.  I am not sure it is a great deal unless you have free time tonight! Rent 1, Get 1 FREE Check out with Coupon Code “NINJA” with 2 movies in your shopping cart. Expires at midnight 12/08/08.  Forward toContinue Reading

IRS Increases the Amount you can Save in a Qualified Account for 2009

I was on the IRS’ website today for a different research project (something associated with 403(b)s and the final reguations which become effective Jan 1, 2009 – if there is any interest in this info let me know and I”ll do a post) and I came along some great useful information for almost everyone. TheContinue Reading

Thinking about Starting a Company – Here is a chance at a free LLC or Incorporation

I received an email from one of my sponsors today stating that they are offering free LLCs or Incorporation filings!  I used to work for a law firm that charged anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to the thousands for this kind of work. I can’t vouch for the workmanship but a quick google search indicates thatContinue Reading

Is Social Security Income an Asset? NO!

I just read a very interesting article on Wall Street Journal Personal Finance Section, titled “Save Your Nest Egg, Hold on to Stocks” written by Mr. Zweig.  The article surrounds the idea that since your Social Security income stream can be turned into a present value number equivalent to a bond/annuity that it should countContinue Reading