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Want to Save on Health Care Costs? How about Free Antibiotics

My Mom (way to go!) told me about this great deal so I figured I’d get more details and share!  It seems to be applicable for those in the North East Region.  Apparently, Stop and Shop has figured out that they would make more on the sale of other items by just getting people in the door withContinue Reading

Did you forget your RMD this Year? All may not be Lost

One of the Planner’s asked me an interesting question the other day, What can we do when someone doesn’t take their Required Minimum Distribution? What are Required Minimum Distributions? Before we get into my research, lets start with the question, what are RMDs? Like I have said in the past, when you have a question like thisContinue Reading

A Lesson (almost) Learned the Hardway

Warren Buffet is said to uttered the wise wise words, Never invest in a business you cannot understand Well the wife learned a real life personal finance lesson this past vacation to the Dominican Republic.   Upon walking into the Casino the first night I was given a $5 free chip which could only be usedContinue Reading

Vacation time for My Journey

I will be checking comments from Time off with my Wife…Leave Love!

Carnival of Personal Finance: Fairy Tale Edition

Clever Dude hosted this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance and man did he do a ridiculous job picking posts and weaving them together into a story. He chose my article about planning for your pets when you die.  Clever Dude weaved it into the story by suggesting that maybe the prince and princess should worryContinue Reading

Increase Federal Taxation on Gas? What the Hell!

This is not so much a personal finance post but rather a rant about those ridiculous people in Washington which will eventually affect every reader’s wallet.  I am not sure where I heard it first but it seems that some smart people in Washington think nowis the time to increase the federally imposed tax on each gallonContinue Reading