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How Did Madoff Claim He Was Investing People’s Money?

Not unlike a large amount of people in this country I find the Madoff scandal fascinating, so when I saw HBO was doing a movie with Robert DeNiro I was pretty excited.  I find the story so intriguing for a few reasons, but the main two are that I know a few people personally affected, and to a much larger extent, it builds into my obsession with wonder just how many people are completely faking and full of shit.  While watching, Wizard of Lies,  with The Wife I started to wonder what the hell was Madoff's claimed strategy? I am completely familiar [...]

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10 Year Anniversary at Work

Sometime this month I hit my 10 year anniversary at work! It is amazing to think about where I was when I started the job versus my current life.  It truly feels like a lifetime ago when I started the position.  When I first started in my current role I was in contract to buy a home, wasn't married and had no kids. 10 years later my life looks nothing like the Evan that originally took the position. Why I Took the Position in the First Place I remember it was like yesterday.  Coming out of law school I was having trouble finding [...]

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Here are Four Practical Ways to Reduce Your Debt Burden

Debt could make it hard for you to get ahead financially because the you'll be repaying loans (plus interests) with the money that could have been used to grow your wealth. Debt when not properly managed could hurt your credit score and a bad credit score you get you stuck in a financial rut.  Just finding realistic bad credit loan lenders is a tough task when you have a bad credit score. Many people in the USA still suffering from bad credit because of their bad management of debt they owe. Most of them are careless because of their habits of the [...]

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The Best and Worst Attributes About MLMs

I have this buddy who is deep into the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) world.   It feels like he keeps bouncing from the next big thing to the thing that is going to make the "next big thing" look horrible and scammy.  He has attempted to recruit me to a few of these ventures and much to the surprise of no one, but him, I have always rejected.  Every time, he contacts me about the next amazing opportunity I always have two thoughts about the very nature of MLMs and they are what makes the opportunity amazing for some and horrid to me at [...]

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Being the Dairy Farmer Instead of the Cattle Herder

I have this great colleague that comes up with these fantastic one-liners.  Over the past 10 years or so he has provided some real classics.  The other day we were discussing how financial planners should build their practice and he said something so great, which I am sure is not original, but like most great quotes made you stop and think about the simplicity and truth of the statement: Be the Dairy Farmer Instead of the Cattle Herder It was so simple and fantastic! While we were talking about building a financial services practice, I immediately thought how it related to investing and retirement.  [...]

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