5 Marketing Lessons to Be Learned by Bob Parson from GoDaddy

Evan’s Note: I don’t know much about marketing, but a reader has provided some thoughts on how GoDaddy’s marketing helped change the domain and hosting world.

If there is one connection that will go down in history as one of the best marketing campaigns ever for a company, it is the Bob Parsons GoDaddy connection. The founder of the business and the business itself are inextricably linked to their mutual success because of the incredible, high profile marketing campaigns that were undertaken by the CEO. Unlike many other companies, Bob Parsons did not outsource a great deal of his marketing to outside firms – he simply brought his own industry into other worlds and put himself in front of the consumer in a unique way.

Below are just a few of the lessons that anyone can learn from the way that Bob Parsons handled the marketing of GoDaddy during its critical growth phase.

Know your audience.

Bob Parsons was perhaps the first tech savvy IT guy to realize that he was not selling his service to other tech savvy IT guys. Is people who actually do not want to deal with the technical aspects of building a website, is marketing campaign reflected that as well. Bob Parsons focus much less on the services that Go Daddy provided, although those services were listed quite prominently if a customer looks deeper into the situation. Rather, Bob Parsons focused on making web design look fun and easy with celebrities and a party type atmosphere.

A word from the right spokesperson can go a long way.

As Parsons went through celebrities to be his spokespeople, he chose those who would serve as a good spokesperson for the audience to whom he was marketing. The reason that Bob Parsons has so many racecar drivers is because the profile of the average entrepreneur is someone who watches driving for recreation.

Event marketing

Although many people know Bob Parsons and the Go Daddy campaigns from the Super Bowl controversies of past years, this was hardly be only thing that encompassed the Go Daddy marketing campaign. Go Daddy was quite active in entrepreneur rich communities, going direct to business conventions as well as racecar driving convictions and branding itself within that audience. The company actually helped to sponsor many of these events.

Having the service to backup the advertising

Aside from its incredible marketing campaigns, the one thing that Go Daddy is known for above all else is its incredible customer service. If you have the advertisements to pull in new customers, then you should definitely invest some of that money in providing excellent service to those customers. Otherwise, all of the positive attention that you receive from your advertisements turn negative as your company will have a bigger profile.

Using the Internet

Go Daddy took to the Internet to fight its Super Bowl battles as well as fully new customers. Because there was no censorship on the Internet, business owners who use Go Daddy were able to feel as though they were part of an exclusive club when they viewed these online advertisements. Bob Parsons was also quite intuitive to realize that this anti-government campaign also fit the profile of his target market perfectly – small and medium-sized business owners usually do not like larger companies and government entities trying to censor them in the marketplace


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