3 Great Energy Efficient Apps That Can Save You Money

There’s an app for everything nowadays. Whilst most of them are pointless or are a fantastic waste of time when you should be doing work, there are some that are incredibly helpful and are usually incredibly cheap. These smartphone apps are for people who want to keep an eye on their energy consumption, whether you’re doing it because you want to help the environment or you want to save money, these apps help you with both. A lot of apps simply provide tips and hints to help you become more energy conscious, however we’ve picked the ones that either have practical uses or will explain to how to save on energy easily.

British Gas App from iTunes (Free)

If you’re tired of having to let someone read your metre, or having to pay for an ‘estimated’ bill, then why not take it into your own hands. The British Gas App allows you to submit your own meeting readings for a more accurate bill, it also allows you to view your account, your last bills, see what tariff you’re on etc… The app also puts all this information it’s generated into graphs and charts so you can compare your energy usage over months and years, it also provides telephone numbers and other useful information. This app is great for anyone who is concerned their paying too much for electricity or gas. You can do all this and more, and the best part is that it’s free!

Recycle Guide from Google Play (Free)

It can be tough to recycle sometimes, with the myriad of bins and different rules depending on where you live, most people can be forgiven for wanting to pack it all and dump everything in one bin. Recycle Guide is an application launched by T-Mobile in 2009, although it was launched a while ago it still holds the same merit. Recycle Guide gives you useful information about how to recycle certain materials such as mobiles or computers, it also shows you where in your area you can recycle these items. Take the stress out of recycling.

Eco-charger from Google Play (Free)

Sometimes your simplest applications are the best. Eco-charger is for those who are really committed to being Eco-friendly, although it will save you money in the long run. Leaving your phone on all night to charge is something most people do, however it’s not great for your energy bill and it’s not great for the planet. The Eco-charger app will detect when your phone is fully charged and will set off an alarm and vibrate until you take it off charge making sure that you’ll keep an eye on your energy usage once you’ve installed Eco-charger.

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