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Most side businesses set-up by actively engaged employee of an organisation, either public or private, don’t end up as successful business. This is often due to management style and operational strategy. Hence, the need for managers of these businesses, these SMEs, to adopt the management style of C suites executive for survival, growth and profitability of the business. It must be noted that different situations require different approaches, but the fundamental strategy and the focus required are constants. It is a good idea to think about how c-suite executives think. The Harvard Business Review’s new-path-to-the-c-suite can offer you great value on this [...]

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Reviewing my 2016 Goals and Objectives

With a few days left in the year, what better time to open up my 2016 goals and objectives post and see how I did this year.  I have been doing goals and objective posts and their subsequent review for the past 8 years! Writing a goals and objective post, nevertheless reading it and judging yourself one year later is a fantastic exercise. In January of 2016 I wrote (to myself), Looking back in 2015, I feel like it reads a little too complacent.  I was/am very happy with life right now, and that is a problem/opportunity. Good is the enemy of [...]

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The 5 Best Money Moves for Young Professionals

Starting out in the work word is exciting. The financial gains you make in your 20s will have a lasting impact on your lifetime earnings. It’s important to know what to do with the money you make to maximize it. Here are a few smart money tips for people just starting out: Live Minimally It might be tempting to blow your first paycheck on something big and unnecessary but you’ll fare better staying modest for awhile. Pay the necessities and then save the rest. It’s important to have at least 2 months’ salary saved in case you need unpaid time off work [...]

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Rolling Option When You May be Assigned a Naked Put

I have become semi-obsessed with options and the income they can generate since I first learned how to sell naked puts.  However, selling naked short puts has risk and one of those risks is being assigned the stock you "bet" against.  There are are two main strategies that everything else builds off of.  The first is just taking the stock; I took this route with my Under Amour trade.  The second is known as rolling. What Does it Mean to Sell a Naked Put? Discussing an option "out" of a unprofitable trade means nothing if you don't understand the underlying trade itself.  [...]

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What Makes Someone an Entrepreneur?

I have this buddy who is deep into the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) World who posts all the time about being an entrepreneur, and it has me wondering what actually makes someone an entrepreneur? The dictionary definition of entrepreneur is absolutely zero help in actually answering the question: one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise The pure dictionary definition really just raises more more questions than answers. Is anyone who is commission based an entrepreneur? Is it anyone that that is self employed? What if the business is just a side hustle? Are professionals (CPAs, Attorneys, Doctors, [...]

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