Yearly Archives: 2013

Funding growth by heading overseas

As the economy continues to struggle, many businesses are looking overseas as a means of driving growth. This notion is important, one of pushing into new markets and territories to expand your customer base and potentially grow your business. However, for some small businesses it is easier said than done. In order to push yourContinue Reading

Making those important cost cutting decisions

According to research, us Britons are all set to get on top of our finances in 2013. While living a healthier lifestyle might be top of our list of resolutions, sorting out our financial situations comes a close second. Are we all really going to maintain going to the gym for the entirety of 2013?Continue Reading

Surprise, Men and Women Approach Investments Different

I feel like there is a hyper-push in society today to treat everyone the same, but sometimes the unisex outlook just doesn’t make sense.  I feel like anyone with any type of life experience knows there is a difference in almost every aspect between males and females beyond anatomy and this would obviously include investments.Continue Reading

The 3 Rules of Getting out of Debt for Good!

Debt can become quite overwhelming and if not managed correctly, equate to quite a considerable amount. Basically the more you dig yourself into, the harder it becomes to climb back out. Sometimes it can be very difficult to make required payments and stay on top of your finances. Unexpected events occur and excess bills orContinue Reading

Millennials Do Not Have New Job Rules

I am always weary of articles that are clearly trying to make the argument that today is different than 5, 10 or even 20 years ago with regards to almost anything except technology.  Until I started writing this post I hadn’t realized how many times I have written/bitched about the topic: The Past wasn’t asContinue Reading

Things to consider if you’re moving out of the city

London – a fantastic city to spend (or misspend) your twenties, and even your early thirties. There’s a buzz about the city that you just don’t find anywhere else in the world and something to do literally every minute of the day, no matter what your entertainment preferences are. However, there does come a timeContinue Reading