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Deciding Whether I Should Sell Stocks in my Dividend Investment Portfolio

I have been investing in dividend paying stocks for a few years now, and I am at a cross roads.  I have some pretty good capital gains (percentage wise, not whole dollar amounts) that I am not exactly sure what to do with.  My gut is fighting with my head and I am not sureContinue Reading

Choosing a Life Insurance Beneficiary

I think that the beneficiary status on a life insurance policy is an often over looked when handling one’s finances and estate planning, however, for many it is the largest asset they leave behind for their heirs and should be handled with care.  As with everything on this site, I am not providing legal or financialContinue Reading

Learn the Various Signals of Trading

AS WITH ANYTHING ON THIS BLOG NOTHING SHOULD BE CONSTRUED AS LEGAL OR FINANCIAL ADVICE.  INVESTING HAS RISKS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT AND RESEARCH. Do you consider yourself to be an investor? What are you currently invested in? Real estate? Bonds? The general stock market? Or maybe you like to trade currencies? Whatever the caseContinue Reading

Updating My Dividend Investment Portfolio for April 2013

Every few months I update my watch list for my dividend investment portfolio.  I wish it is something I could do once a month or once a week, but it just takes too much time to screen through the 100+ companies that have increased their dividends for the past 25+ years.  So every few monthsContinue Reading

Short Term Savings Investment and Debt Goals

My financial life for the past couple years has been really focused on accumulating as much cash as possible for the house purchase.  While I saved, invested and paid down debt my real focus was cash.  With the new house paid for that part of my life is over right now, and it feels ridiculousContinue Reading

The Capitalist Class – Something to Strive For

I came across a fantastic article on (something that almost never happens) titled, 10 Secrets of the Capitalist Class by Joshua Kennon.  I have never heard this term before, and rather than paraphrasing Mr. Kennon’s definition of the class I think it is more valuable to look at his characteristics of the same.  IContinue Reading