Monthly Archives: November 2013

Saving Money Effectively for a Better Future

Saving money was underrated for a long period of time, and in some ways unnecessary since things were moving financially stable. Come 2007 we were hit with the financial crisis, where essentially the bubble burst for the great majority. We have been dealing with the consequences ever since, and more and more people have runContinue Reading

An Investment Club Update

Earlier this year I started an investment club with some friends. The idea was simple; each member would put in an initial $500 and an automatic $100 contribution every month.  After the first month I didn’t have very high hopes for the investment club’s survival.  It took us a few months but we finally hitContinue Reading

3 Great Energy Efficient Apps That Can Save You Money

There’s an app for everything nowadays. Whilst most of them are pointless or are a fantastic waste of time when you should be doing work, there are some that are incredibly helpful and are usually incredibly cheap. These smartphone apps are for people who want to keep an eye on their energy consumption, whether you’reContinue Reading

4 Ways to Keep Track of Your Investments

In a world of constant change and fast-paced news, staying on top of your finances can seem like a constant struggle. There are just so many things going on during your day-to-day grind that it’s easy for a bill (or a bunch of bills) to go unpaid, which often has the effect of snowballing intoContinue Reading

I Sold a Portion of a Position in my Dividend Growth Portfolio

I have gone back and forth in the past about whether I should ever consider selling any piece of my dividend investment portfolio.  The 30 or so comments are more valuable than the actual post! They include those who have been in the Dividend Growth Investment world before it had a name. The post wasContinue Reading

November 2013 Dividend Watchlist Update

After my October 2013 Dividend Watchlist I bought: 22 Shares of Leggett & Platt for $652 with commissions This (along with every other) update takes a snapshot of certain metrics on a certain date.  This update was prepared on the night of November 17, 2013.  The spreadsheets below do not update automatically.   My Dividend InvestmentContinue Reading