Monthly Archives: October 2013

Four Things You’ll Wish You Learned in College

It’s often said that college is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have, but people often ignore the aftermath: student loan and credit card debt. Rather than telling you to abstain from all the fun, yet pricy activities that college has to offer, the following points focus more on how to minimize the financialContinue Reading

Are You Miscalculating How Much You Need in Retirement? What is Life Expectancy

I have said it before that I am not a huge fan of the 4% safe withdrawal rate discussion.  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  What you are allowed to take out means nothing if you need the funds, but I digress to today’s point – there is another part of retirementContinue Reading

How to get financially savvy “A young persons view”

More than office talk! Now, you will probably have heard the word pensions flaunted around the office occasionally. If you are a 20 something graduate working in an office participating in the everyday light conversation, you can easily be forced to slip out of the conversation because you haven’t got a clue what your co-workersContinue Reading

October 2013 Net Worth Update

IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED! It took almost 9 months but I am finally positive year to date. I think if the upcoming government shut down happens there will be some buying opportunities for my dividend fund but the history on what happens to the market when there is a government shutdown is iffy at best. MyContinue Reading