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Cable and Satellite Companies You Can Do Better

I hate my current cable and internet provider, Cablevision / OptOnline, literally hate.  I always have hated cablevision, like most cable companies they depended on a monopoly to drive their terrible customer service and inflated prices. Watching my parents fight with Cablevision growing up, I swore that I would never be a cablevision customer, however,Continue Reading

Is My State Financially Literate?

FINRA, The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the President’s Council on Financial  Literacy came together to survey American across the country to determine those States with the most and least amount of financial literacy.  Specifically, The Financial Capability Study, …highlights how many Americans are disadvantaged by their lack of financial capability, and offers aContinue Reading

Actually Calculating the Interest Paid on a Payday Loan

I am not sure if it is that I am fortunate or that I am obsessed with my personal finances but I have never had to take out a payday loan.   However, I have always been curious as to what these loans actually cost to the borrower. The Pros of Using a Payday Loan TheseContinue Reading

The Amount of Wealth Some People Possess is Staggering

A couple days ago a good buddy of mine asked if I would help him out a bar mitzvah, since 99% of bar mitzvahs are on Saturday nights I quickly declined.  However, this buddy knows me so well that he was able to buy my services at the lowest price that he knew I couldn’tContinue Reading

Financial Freedom – The Obstacles

Trying to improve your financial situation can be incredibly difficult under normal circumstances, but if you find yourself head to head with a number of obstacles at the same time then it can become even more so. When trying to improve your finances you will come across many roadblocks that are unavoidable, for example, yourContinue Reading

A New Way to Track My Progress Join Me Fellow Private Personal Finance Bloggers!

When I first started my blog I was very open with my credit card and other types of debt providing hard numbers and rates, but as the credit card debt disappeared I became more and more tight lipped about my assets.  I was even called out by fellow Personal Finance blogger, Mike, Even, with allContinue Reading