Yearly Archives: 2011

What is the Difference Between an Ordinary Dividend and a Qualified Dividend

As is the norm with this time of year I have been receiving receiving tax form 1099s from various companies over the past couple weeks.  I usually just give them a glance before filing them away for my appointment with my CPA.  However, tonight I decided to take a look at the one I receivedContinue Reading

I Have No Idea Why But I Feel the Need to Prove Myself to Retailers

I was having a conversation with The Wife the other day and she blatantly called me out, telling me that I may have problems.  I am well aware that there are things I just don’t “get” but at least this one is internal struggle. At my bank (national TBTF Bank) when there is a long line,Continue Reading

Best Money Savings Tip – Go Metro

For years I took driving for granted. I never connected the dots that driving actually costs me hard earned money. I just thought of it as part of life for living in southern California. Perhaps we should change that phrase to death, taxes, and driving expenses! Obviously we can’t walk anywhere since many places ofContinue Reading

Do You Need a Boiler Repair or Do you Need to Take More Control?

If your heating system is coming on too often or infrequently, you may believe that you need a boiler repair to get your equipment working as it should.   However, a badly-behaving boiler may not need to be fixed at all, and solving an issue may simply be a case of taking more control. How DoesContinue Reading

The Don’t Complain About Money If You Do This February Net Worth Update

Net Worth Update On January 18, 2011 I decided to start a new way to track my net worth.  I created a private spreadsheet and zeroed out my net worth.  This way I can share my progress each month, going forward without revealing how much is in my savings account, 401(k), etc. What assets amContinue Reading

What do your Credit Card Issuer and Your Gym Have in Common?

Do you ever wonder why so many people have a tendency to want to buy now and pay later? In most cases, we know in the back of our minds that we can’t afford to charge that expensive trip to Europe, especially with unemployment hovering around 10%. Still, we choose to do it anyway, hopingContinue Reading