Yearly Archives: 2011

My Favorite Thing About Paying off Debt

I have been aggressively paying down my auto loan since the beginning of the year.  Every time I am about to waiver and change course I remember my favorite thing about paying off debt.  What is my favorite thing about paying off debt? I don’t believe that debt is religiously evil, nor do I thinkContinue Reading

Stop Making Excuses Creating a Second Stream of Income Is Not Difficult

I think the amazing thing about blogging is being able to connect to people that you would likely never have a conversation with, but because you share a common interest you get involved in their life.  Sometimes it is a one way street, which is fine.  There is this great blogger who goes by theContinue Reading

The Easiest Way to Save Money When Shopping Online

Whenever I shop for something online I always look for a discount, and it solely because of how easy it is to find promo codes, coupon codes, etc.  While I will usually just search for the term and promo code, Wikipedia highlights a ton of other synonyms that should be looked into, Online retailers oftenContinue Reading

It is Okay to Want Things but Don’t Justify that You Deserve It

Last week, The Wife started to say things like, “Wow, that Keurig coffee maker seems really cool!”  I thought nothing of it since we have two coffee makers, one we got as a gift at her bridal shower and another she received to test out on her blog.  Both have cool features like built in bean grindingContinue Reading

When Computing Housing Costs You Have to Remember…

When deciding whether to purchase a house, condo, townhouse or co-op most people tend to forget the ancillary costs associated with owning that home.  This topic came up the other week when I asked a buddy how living with in-laws went when he was in house purgatory (sold his house but didn’t close on hisContinue Reading

There’s No Perfect Time to Be Entrepreneurial

This guest post is by Mr. Broke Professional: the husband in the husband/wife team behind When you tell friends or family that you want to start your own business, you will likely hear one of two responses. Response A: “You can’t do that!  You’re too young!  You need to keep working for your employerContinue Reading