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Do You Actually Know How Much Money You Spend Per Year?

As back office support for a financial planning firm sometimes I have to create cash flow projections for clients.  The projections can be as simple or as complicated as the financial planner needs/wants it to be.  Today, I had a very interesting discussion with a planner about a particular client and this is not the firstContinue Reading

Do I Think About Money Too Much? Do You? Is it Unhealthy?

I don’t think I have a good balance with thinking about and not thinking about money.  From the moment I wake up on Monday morning until the moment I mentally check out on Friday, I have money on the mind and it makes me curious if I am the only one? My Money Thought ActivitiesContinue Reading

Why Do Short Sales or Strategic Defaults Even Happen?

There seems to be a debate between whether it is ethical to strategically default on your home mortgage.  Where I personally land on the issue is probably irrelevant, but if you promise to read to the end you’ll get your answer as to what I believe.  If you walk away from your credit card debtContinue Reading

What Happens When you Make an Extra Payment on a Loan?

It is really interesting to see the results of making an extra payment to a mortgage, auto loan or any other amortized loan.  I think there is some confusion as to  what exactly happens, mathematically, when you make the extra payment.  To understand what happens when you make an extra payment you first have toContinue Reading

Basic Financial Terms for Children and Teens

The Wall Street Journal just published an article titled, “Three Financial Terms Kids Need to Know” by the Yoder et. al., and while I usually love the personal finance section of the WSJ this article was simply ridiculous.  The article provides a series of obviously and painfully fake interactions between the Yoder Pops and YoderContinue Reading

Happy 29th Birthday Evan

Today is Evan’s 29th Birthday! I can’t believe how much has changed in my life from my 28th Birthday and even more so my 27th Birthday! Last year I put out two very lofty goals. Start a Family More Streams of Income Not really my style to put out ridiculous goals without really explaining howContinue Reading