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An Alternative Idea to Government Stimulus

I have been thinking a lot how much easier all our lives would be if Congress acted like they are supposed to, and I mean abiding by their own rules and regulations not arguing whether spending like Keynes on Crack with a Black Amex is a good idea. The first idea I came up with wasContinue Reading

Running Your Personal Finances like Congress is Supposed To

I know you may not believe me but Congress is supposed budget itself.  I know all you hear about is how Congress isn’t/won’t/can’t keep within a budget.  However, they should be at least according to rules set in place by President Bush (#41) and re-ratified by every President since (Including W. and Obama).  Regardless of howContinue Reading

Award Winning OptionsXpress Discount Broker Review

OptionsXPress is a well known online discount broker that has been around since the beginning of online discount brokers (way back in the 2000) providing services for options, stocks, futures, mutual funds and fixed income investments. Online Discount Broker OptionsXPress Awards The amount of Awards won by OptionsXPress year after year is staggering, Rated 4Continue Reading

What Type of Will Do You Have? Review of a Simple Will

As part of my day job I review a lot, and I mean a lot of Wills.  Most Last Wills and Testaments are structured the same way; all assets are left to the surviving spouse and upon the second death to the children, outright.  This type of structure is usually referred to as a SimpleContinue Reading

Selling Your Structured Settlement

What is a Structured Settlement?  According to JG Went Worth, A structured settlement is a financial package that allows court-awarded compensation to be paid in regular installments rather than in one lump sum. These installments may be paid over a fixed period or over the recipient’s lifetime. Because each is tailor-made for the individual case, the structureContinue Reading

Starting a Business Is Cheaper Than Ever Before

 Whenever people start telling me their business ideas I start going into over drive almost feeding off their excitement and intensity.  Talking about starting a business or building an idea gets me pumped.  I start spouting off pros, cons, asking a ton of questions and am generally happy for that person and their breakthrough idea. Continue Reading