Monthly Archives: April 2010

Why Do I Want Multiple Streams of Income?

Freedom.  I got a reminder/wake up call tonight about why I want multiple streams of income, and it is simple it is freedom to do what I want and when I want (within reason, of course). I have mentioned in the past, that in addition to my job I also practice law, it is mainlyContinue Reading

Great Posts from Around The Personal Finance Blogging World

It has been a while since I highlighted some great blog posts from around the web.  I love reading and commenting on blogs which is the reason I started my own so you’ll see me commenting on most of these posts: A Guest Post on ChristianPF answering What is a Revocable Living Trust? Financial SamuraiContinue Reading

Review of MagicJack Internet Phone System

I was contacted by a public relations rep to check out the magicJack internet phone system, since I love free stuff I said I would absolutely try it (hint hint PR People…contact me)! Setting up and Registering my MagicJack Account I couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up the magicJack, I literally plugged the unitContinue Reading

Asset Aggregation May Be Just as Important as Asset Diversification or Allocation

If asked for your own example of customer loyalty, what would you give? Free months of phone service, flight upgrades to first-class, special hotel accommodations?  Most would probably think along the lines of a consumer, yet investments are an often overlooked area. A while back, the local supermarket ran a promotion with Cuisinart. Collecting “points”Continue Reading

Don’t Forget to File your State Income Tax Extension

Filing your Federal Income Tax Extension is easy and should be free, but I haven’t seen much about filing your state income tax extension, or if there are other state forms you may need.  So I researched where to find each State’s tax forms. Where to go for Each State’s Income Tax Extension Form? While most StatesContinue Reading

What is a Callable CD? and Why Current Callable CDs Don’t Make Sense

I generally don’t like Certificates of Deposits because the math doesn’t make sense, but I received an e-mail today about Callable CDs that made me really mad.  I had heard of Callable bonds, but don’t have any recollection of a Callable Certificate of Deposit, so I figured I would share what I learned about them andContinue Reading