Monthly Archives: March 2010

Using Dividend Stocks to Pay for Your Coffee

What It Costs You To Be a Caffeine Addict Are you a caffeine addict like me? I don’t know about you, but my day doesn’t really start, nor am I entirely awake or focused on my tasks until I first sip on a fresh cup of coffee. Equally important, have you thought about how muchContinue Reading

Nanny Groups Suck – Leave Ronald McDonald Alone and Just Tell you Kid No

VS. I just read a story that really angered me!  Apparently, some pain in the ass nanny group wants Ronald McDonald to retire. A coalition of health professionals, parents and corporate accountability advocates is calling for Ronald McDonald to retire as a spokesman for the nation’s largest restaurant chain, saying he has too much influenceContinue Reading

What is Valuable May not be Worth Anything – Which Do you Want?

I was sitting in a seminar about Estate Planning on Friday when the speaker said something that really stuck with me, but I am not sure what to do with this lingering feeling.  So I did what anyone who owns a blog would do, I decided to write a small post about it, with theContinue Reading

Explanation of Health Care Bill in Time Line Form

I really wanted to stay out of the health care debate (obviously beyond discussing the Constitutionality of the Health Care Bill)  but I came across this really cool graphical time line of the Bill that I thought people would like. It is from a 3rd Party that I have no affiliate with, who obviously createdContinue Reading

Is the Health Care Bill Constitutional?

The Country is going nuts with the recently passed health care passage.  If you have read ANY of my political posts before you could only imagine how much this bill makes me sick, literally it is a feeling of lost like the Country is taking a piss poor turn.  But beyond personal feelings I question theContinue Reading

I use ING For my Savings and You May Want to Also!

I often get asked where I keep my liquid savings.  When I first started caring about personal finance issues, and started reading personal finance blogs I was guilty of rate chasing and bonus chasing.   I am proud to say that, I do not rate chase anymore, and if you check out personal finance blog archivesContinue Reading