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Party of “No”? That is Just Garbage Populist Rhetoric

I am not sure if this is beyond the scope of this blog, especially since my last post was a political quiz, but its my blog so I can complain on it if I want!  Can someone explain to me when the Republican party became the “Party of No.” I really feel like this typeContinue Reading

The Definition of Liberal & Conservative

I am often asked, how do “I” know where I land on the political spectrum?  What do the terms liberal and conservative, actually mean?  Usually I point the person to this really really short political quiz. It is all over 10 questions, and will probably take you at most 1 minute because the questions asked, atContinue Reading

Why the Type of Life Insurance you Buy Doesn’t Matter

For a lot of people who are shopping for life insurance, one of the first questions they ask themselves is, “what type of life insurance should I buy?” This question usually ends with some form of “whole life” or “term life,” as though those are the only two options. That’s the wrong way to thinkContinue Reading

Thank You Fellow Bloggers!

In today’s internet, I feel like people don’t usually check out the a blogger’s blogroll, so as a way to say thank you I wanted to list the blogs that I read almost daily. My Blog Roll AllFinancialMatters Bad Money Advice Bargaineering Bible Money Matters Budgets are Sexy. Cash Money Life Clever Dude Finances &Continue Reading

Are Prepaid Debit Cards Worth it? Pros and Cons of Using Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid debit cards offer the ease of a credit card without the drawbacks of a credit card.  Also, they are a simple and effective way to budget finances during this recession.  However, it is important to know the pros and cons of using a prepaid debit card before using one. Pros of Using a PrepaidContinue Reading

Switzerland Oldest Bank Says F.U. America

When everything was going down with UBS, a different Swiss banking firm came out with a very strongly worded letter bashing the United States.  I have no idea how this possibly got past my radar, but it did. The Swiss Banking firm, which claims to be the oldest in the country, founded in 1741, is known as Wegelin &Continue Reading