2010 My Journey to Millions Blogging Statistics

2010 My Journey to Millions Blogging Statistics

In 2.5 years of blogging I never publically shared any of traffic statistics.  It isn’t because I was embarrassed but because to be honest I never thought anyone would care, but how am I going to hold myself accountable if I don’t put it out there?  Since so few bloggers share these numbers I don’t know if they are good or bad. If you have published a similar post let me know and I’ll add it to the post.  Unless otherwise stated, all traffic statistics are taken from Google Analytics.

I am willing to put anything out there in this post so if you have questions ask them!

Key Metrics of My Journey to Millions as a Website

My Journey to Millions has a Page Rank of 3 and a Moz Ranking of 5.02 (Check out A Definition of Moz Ranking and why Moz maybe more important).   Currently, I am ranking #14 in the Yakezie Challenge of the Best Personal Finance Blogs.  My Journey to Millions also has an Alexa Ranking of around 88,000 (was as low as 70,000 earlier this year).  My Journey to Millions has a bit over 300 Feed Subscribers and over 620  Twitter Friends.  I am most proud of the the Yakezie challenge position, feed number and twitter number.

Traffic on My Journey to Millions Year to Date

From January 1, 2010 until December 16, 2010 My Journey to Millions has had:

  • 98,557 Visits
  • 144,123 Page Views
  • 62.88% of my traffic comes from Search Engines
  • 24.35% of my Traffic comes from Referring sites (Thanks Guys!)
  • 10.64% of my traffic comes from direct traffic
  • 2.13% comes from other

If we were to break down these numbers to monthly averages (11.5 months since I am 2 weeks from the end of the year):

  • 8,500 Visits Per Month
  • 12,532 Page Views per Month

As soon as I get excited that I might surpass 100K visitors this year I think about all those massive personal finance blogs that probably do that in a month!  I have no clue what my goals should be so my plan is just to keep working along fixing things I have done in the past and learning from mistakes.  To just say I want my traffic to increase x% seems disingenuous and fake without a plan.  I thought I would kill the traffic numbers working with a mentor but it didn’t work out for either of us.

So while I don’t have specific goals like I do for my personal finances (2011 version to be written in a couples weeks) I do know that running this site and writing for it, is my hobby (regardless of whether it is an unhealthy hobby).

Some Recent Blog Statistics I Have Come Across:

  • Budgeting in The Fun Stuff
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70 Responses to 2010 My Journey to Millions Blogging Statistics

  1. Not bad! I have a lot of work to do to just get to where you are. Remember that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. 😉

  2. Nice stats. Looks like you should be on target with 100K visitors next year, just keep up the good work and don’t focus too much on Alexa rankings.

  3. Way to hit the 300 mark! And those are awesome stats, congrats!

    I like how you’re not setting goals. I don’t know how I would work hard to improve certain numbers and I think my time is better spent writing quality content.

    Also, you’re right around 100,000. About how many times have you checked your own statistics? Is it close? So addictive!

    • Jealous?! You are crazy. I just checked and despite being around 2.5 years…most of my TOTAL traffic was this year. By the end of next year you will have destroyed me.

      and no, Thank You for that post it inspired this post.

  4. I started using Google Analytics on Sept 30th of this year, and I have 4,220 visits since then, with 10,603 Pageviews.

    I’m 67.27% from referring sites, 25.36% direct traffic, and only 7.37% search engine.

    However, search engine is going up. I’ve had 19.1% of my traffic from a search engine this month!

    • Those numbers are freaking fantastic! Great job.

      Search engine numbers is where you make your google adsense money. Do you use All in One Seo?

      • Yeah, I use All in One SEO. I think the reason search engine has been so low is because my site is just so freaking new. I only launched it about four months ago, so as I keep adding content and getting links, I think my search engine stuff will grow (as I’ve already seen in December).

  5. Congrats, sounds like you had a great year1 Trending up or flat? And are you seeing monetization improvements with time as well? combo of increasing traffic and getting better at making money is a nice combo!

  6. Good work, Evan! Those seem like pretty good stats.

    My blog is at now about 3,000 visits per month now, after getting started in March. December has been a bit slow, so I’m going on averages from the prior few months – which were ramping up.

    Anyway, seems like you’ve done well this year. Congrats on your success.

    BTW, that’s a damn funny picture and captions.

  7. Great stats!

    It’ll be pretty cool once you hit 100,000! Are you going to celebrate?

    Hopefully next year will be a banner year for us all :)

    • No hope about it! It will be.

      Its inevitable that I’ll 100K visitors in the next few days and will hit over 150K page views. No plans to celebrate though…I am thinking kegs and strippers you down?

      • I know a guy that leaves the wife and kids and goes to Vegas every year with a group of other friends… She has no idea what they do, but I hear the stories!

        So think about creating a 100K / year club, and Vegas could be the yearly meeting location.

        Hey, wait, how close is your wife’s site to that 100k marker? Maybe that wouldn’t work out after all (lol)

  8. That’s extremely interesting. I didn’t figure out how to get Analytics to work until halfway thru’ July, so it thinks FaM had 0 visitors the first half of 2010.

    Yours are certainly better than mine, tho’ last summer my stats were comparable to what you’re reporting. They began to trend down after the fall semester started & there was less time to work at blogging.

      • @ Evan: Over the summer, I really pushed SEO as hard as I could, given my limited tech understanding. Also, I joined Yakezie, which led to untold numbers of hours reading members’ posts and including them in round-ups. Round-ups are very time-consuming, and with class in session I just haven’t been able to do that. Plus I never did figure out how to get into the Yakezie members’ blog, so by default I seem to have dropped off that group’s roll.

  9. Wow, look at all this discussion! Guess a lot of people are curious!

    Can you tell me why I’m not curious in my blog’s stats and others though? All I see are numbers.

    I think I have ~60,000 page views a month since I last checked 6 months ago with. Donno.

      • Don’t think that’s the case. I know I should do more guest posting on bigger sites and such (so should everyone if they want to increase their audience), but I’ve been very focused on building the Yakezie.com infrastructure and process. Someone has to do it.

        I have been focused on networking outside of just the PF space though. My time frame is 2017 believe it or not. I will start caring about my stats then, but not now.


  10. You have envious statistics, that is for sure!!

    I wish I understood SEO better. I do know that I made ‘some’ change and my search traffic did go up suddenly, but I have no idea what it was. I did start doing more internal links, but I have no idea what affect that would have.

    I need a good SEO handbook or something. I probably should have done a better job of tracking my changes and done them one at a time instead of making a bunch of changes at once.

  11. Great work as always Evan. Numbers are impressive, I usually evaluate on a monthly basis and your stats blow mine away. Especially impressed with the SEO numbers, I need to get my act together!!!

  12. Great job on the hit numbers, Evan. Just found your blog this morning but got it on my favorites list now. Thanks for all the info in your posts, it has been helpful.
    I am starting a residential/commercial painting business at the moment, on top of my day job (union construction). It’s been slowly building… my first bid was for painting our offices at my current company. Bid was accepted and job finished last Friday. Starting a business is fun, exciting, stressful, and very rewarding. But the hardest step so far has been getting off my a$$ and getting out there.
    Keep up the good work, Evan.

  13. Way to go Evan! You are growing every day. I hope someday you get those statistics but per month or less. Your blog will be big enough at the point you won’t be approving this comments but your staff.

  14. I think posting stats is great (at least from my point of view). It gives me something to aim for. And don’t be embarrassed about your stats – they are far better than mine!

    • I am a huge fan of your site. Your traffic must make my site look tiny, but I am more impressed with the loyal commenters and debate you got going on over there!

      • Thanks. I get a lot of complaints from some people that my posts are too controversial (usually my more liberal readers complaining that I’m too conservative). I’m sure it’s hurt my traffic some but it’s my blog and if I can’t post what I want, then what’s the point? It’s not like I’m earning subscription fees from my readers…lol. I do have a pretty strict policy that people have to be respectful of each other. We should be able to discuss controversial topics like grown-ups.

        I have been very blessed to have some very intelligent readers (most of which are way smarter than I am). I have learned a lot over my 6+ years as a blogger.

        • I am with you…blogging isn’t going to come near my day job salary anytime soon so to censor myself seems just stupid!

          I actually find it amazing how many of your steady readers really just don’t agree with you lol

  15. Increasing traffic is probably the biggest challenge you will face. It seems that each site hit a plateau at one point or another… it’s hard to get through it.

    The good news is that one you break a plateau, your blog will grow naturally until it hits another one 😉

  16. I wish you shared your income from this blog too- it’d be great to have some numbers to compare to the traffic.
    I’m definitely opposite on goal-setting. I just finished writing a step by step plan for the summer, because I know if I have small increments that I can check off then a lot more will get done.

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