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Is your Hand Written Will Unenforceable? Does your State Recognize Holographic Wills?

In the past I have discussed Who Needs a Will? hint: Everyone and have provided 10 Reasons why YOU need a Will As Soon as Possible but something occurred to me, not everyone knows the requirements to create a valid Will in their state. I was discussing the possibility of drafting a Will for someone,Continue Reading

Multiple Income Streams is the ONLY way to Achieve Extreme Wealth

I have a very good friend, the kind of friend I have known for a little under 20 years and I am only 27, who owns a really nice boat.  Well, this past Sunday he took me, and another buddy out on it.  He launches his boat from Oyster Bay, Long Island. If you everContinue Reading

My Journey to Millions Around the Web

For the first time in a long time, I participated in a bunch of different Carnivals.  I am glad I did, because it forces me to read additional blogs beyond the 20 or so I take a look out daily: My Blog’s First Birthday post was featured at the August 10th Edition of the CarnivalContinue Reading

Fight Back Against Credit Card Companies Cancelling Your Credit Card and Hurting your Credit Score

A couple months ago I received a notice from a credit card which was previously eradicated from my modified debt snowball.  I had dual thoughts, “hahahaha, it doesn’t matter if you jack up my interest rate, I paid all my credit cards off already, tough guy” and “You better not be trying to get aContinue Reading

A simple Tax Forward Turns into an E-Mail Battle!

I don’t usually pass on forwards, but I loved this one! It actually caused an uproar between me and my wife’s aunt, who I don’t know that well. For laughs after the forward I will post our conversation! Tax Poem: Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table At which he’s fed. Tax hisContinue Reading

My Extra Payments towards my Auto Loan was not being applied to Principal!

It was a cold winter day in 2006.  I was 6 months out of law school working at a firm where I usually stayed till about 7pm.  I walked to my trusty, lovable Nissan 240sx.  This car had so many miles the odometer literally stopped working (I am not kidding it was stuck on 160k). Continue Reading