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Veterans Day

Thank you for Everyone who has EVER served this Country and protected the freedoms and liberties I have so much respect for. Resources for Veterans/Active Military personnel United States Veterans Benefits Admin Patrick from Cash Money Life Runs Military Finance Network Simply put – Thank you!

Don’t Accidently Forgo Your Charitable Intent at Death

Even those with strong charitable intents (religious or otherwise), actually fail to provide for the charities of their choice at death.  In essence their charitable intent is often ignored, and it is usually by mistake! I was reading a Last Will and Testament of a high net worth client the other day, and came acrossContinue Reading

What is Intestacy? Don’t Let the State Determine Where your Assets Go!

Regardless of whether you know it or not you have a Will – the Will is called Intestate Distribution and is determined by the State Legislature. When one dies without a Will it is often said he or she died intestate, and their Will enters Intestacy.  I am sure different parts of the country referContinue Reading

How Much Interest do I pay to Financing Companies and Banks? TOO MUCH!

This post was inspired by a post written by Patrick at Cash Money Life titled, “Do you Know How Much Interest You are Paying Each Month” and Matt Jabs at Debt Free Adventure titled, “How Much Interest am I Paying? Hint, its Less.” Interestingly Patrick uses just examples, and Matt uses his real numbers. WhenContinue Reading

Living Paycheck to Paycheck Could Cost you Your Life

I recently came up with a theory, and as you would guess from the title, it has to do with the cost associated with living paycheck to paycheck. Living Paycheck to Paycheck forces you to want time to go by faster thereby causing you to purposefully miss life When you need that paycheck to comeContinue Reading