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The Wall Street Journal Agrees with Me! Trusts should be Built into Most Wills

Way back in August of 2008 I wrote a Post about Simple Wills.  As you may recall (or just read when you clicked the link) a simple will is usually built as follows: The problem with Simple Wills (again, as I indicated in 2008) is that don’t usually take care of certain items.  Specifically, IContinue Reading

Is the United States Turning towards Communism?

This may be an overzealous blog post for a personal finance website, but I have been thinking about this for a little bit.  I even tried to write a research paper on this when I was in college (awww so many years ago), but I was denied by my professor.  Well now I am olderContinue Reading

Bachelor Party Finances – 5 Ways to Keep Costs Low

Yesterday, I got back from a ridiculous weekend at the New Jersey Shore (Avalon to be exact).  I was there for my friend’s bachelor party.  I have known this buddy since we were 8, so being one-third of the team that was setting it up, I was pumped to make it SICK.  And I succeeded.Continue Reading