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Reader Question – Inheriting Trusts & IRAs

I recently received a question from a reader, who I will refer to as TPS.  TPS contacted me through my contact me page – if you have a question feel free to use it! TPS seems to be very confused, so rather than just answer the question I will post it so he can replyContinue Reading

What Personal Finance Lessons can one Learn from Newport, Rhode Island?

This past weekend The Wife and I visited Newport Rhode Island for our One Year Anniversary, and I learned three very applicable personal finance lessons, and it came from our trip to the mansions. The normal thing when visiting Rhode Island is to do Mansion Tours.  The Wife and I checked out two of theseContinue Reading

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights Eleventh Edition

Welcome to the 11th Edition of the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights!  The Carnival of Pecuniary Delights is different than most blog carnivals – the posts chosen are going to stand the test of time! If you want to check out Past Carnivals  check the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights webpage.  The Twelfth Edition of the CarnivalContinue Reading

Are you a Business Owner? Then you NEED to Understand Buy Sell Agreements

Lets start with this very common scenario. You are Male, your partner is male and you are both married with children You are a part-owner of a small/medium business; You like your partner, but you feel that his wife is “eh” and more importantly his kids are brats who have no idea what it tookContinue Reading

Your Credit Score Matters

Luckily this blog is anonymous so I can talk about whatever I feel like!  Well today I got a rough phone call from the Sister in Law.  She was looking into buying a home with her boyfriend.  Well, when they went to get pre-approved she was met with a a very low number due toContinue Reading

My Journey to Millions around the Web

I participated in two carnivals this week, and you should check them out! My post, “Bachelor Party Planning – 5 Ways to Keep Costs Low” was featured at Carnival of Money Hacks #76 at the bad ass blog, Man vs. Debt.  Baker, highlights more articles than I could have imagined.  If you have some freeContinue Reading