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Finally Some Justice – Reverse Discrimination Takes a Hit (Ricci v. DeStefano)

Despite writing a personal finance blog, I enjoy chatting up politics and I think I have been very open about my political views, which are basically libertarian in nature.  I generally believe the government is a necessary evil and as such I want to keep it as small as possible.  The way I look atContinue Reading

Financial Loss Syndrome Doesn’t Just Affect the Wealthy

I was reading the June Edition of Trusts and Estates Magazine, my favorite magazine, and found a very interesting article which is aimed at advisors and attorneys for very wealthy individuals; however it applicable to everyone during these turmoil times.  Trusts and Estates Magazine is an industry standard for those in estate planning – eachContinue Reading

Save on Legal Costs – Hints and Tips

Bankrate/CNBC just posted an article titled, “7 Ways to Save on Legal Advice” written by G.M. Filisko. I have previously discussed the need for a professional when it comes to estate planning and advanced personal finance moves.  Well, professionals are usually expensive in terms of out of pocket up front costs (vs. money & timeContinue Reading

You Have to Prepare for Retirement – Do Not Depend on the Government

Today I received a very interesting Fidelity Credit Card offer.  This particular rewards card placed my 2% cash back directly into my IRA with Fidelity.  Interesting, right? I thought this was really cool.  Don’t worry I didn’t partake, because, as we discussed, I am in operation eradicate consumer debt.  But it got me thinking: RetirementContinue Reading

My Journey and The Wife are Expecting A Child

I am pretty sure the title says it all!  The Wife is 5 weeks along, and since we told our parents last night and a few friends today…the next logical thing is to announce it to all you readers. I know the right thing to do is not tell anyone until 3 months, but weContinue Reading

Some Things to Think About Before Meeting an Attorney to Draft Your Last Will and Testament

A very good friend of mine just had their first child, and so the next inevitable step is to call their buddy the estate planning attorney (yours truly, My Journey) to discuss the drafting of a Will. Upon arriving, and checking out the kid and some small talk it became very apparent they were veryContinue Reading