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Random Letters After an Advisor’s Name isn’t the End All, but it may help

This post is a public apology for making an ass out of myself for saying some pretty sh!tty things about a woman who seemingly wants to help people get out of debt.  Baker at Man vs. Debt interviewed a “Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor” a person who seems kind hearted and genuine in attempt to helpContinue Reading

How Should I handle “Alternative Income” Opportunities when Friends and Family are Involved?

As I have explained in my “About” Section I passed the New York State Bar Exam (getting admitted next week) and have been employed as the Director of Financial Planning for a wealth management firm for the past 2 years. Part of my job entails reading testamentary documents (think Wills and Complex Trusts) and critiquingContinue Reading

Barter System is Alive and Well!

Yesterday was Mother’s day, so I headed over to my mom’s place with my wife and my dog, and was happy to hear some good news.  My parents have traded services with a very good neighbor! My parents have a great deck set up in the backyard but our family moved into the house 18Continue Reading

Leave Your Retirement Accounts Alone (AGAIN!)

All the way back in September of 2008 I wrote a post titled, “Leave your Retirement Accounts Alone.”  The Post was even mentioned in the Carnival of Personal Finance and I think either WSJ or MSN.  Well it looks like no one listened (it may be because back then I had about 4 constant readers). Continue Reading

Applying for the Coolest Volunteer Position Ever! Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council

I read a post today on the Tax Policy Blog which now has me applying for the coolest position ever. Be forewarned, this position is only cool for finance and tax tools. Apparently the IRS is accepting applications for membership in the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council (IRSAC) for a three year term beginning JanuaryContinue Reading

Sometimes 401(k)s are Better than IRAs

I get really annoyed when people quote any talking heads without taking into account one’s personal situation.  I am not sure why, but I can’t stand blind faith in anyone except maybe your version of a Creator. A LOT of personal finance bloggers, Talk Show Hosts, and house wives all over the country take theContinue Reading