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Does anyone REALLY know what they are Talking about With Housing Prices?

As I was sitting in the dentist’s office waiting for them to call me in so I can get 3 cavities filled (yeah my mouth hurts as I write this) I was reading headlines on my phone and I saw an article that just really made my blood boil. Today, Mark Koba wrote anContinue Reading

Success: It Starts with Yourself

Success: It Starts With Yourself Success comes to those who know themselves, apply themselves to the goals, and believe in themselves. Let the next success story be yours now! To paraphrase Thomas Edison, the great American inventor, success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Indeed, nobody becomes astoundingly successful on luck, likelihood andContinue Reading

My Last Income Tax Update (hopefully)

I have given the readers of this blog an insight into my taxes, so I felt the need to give a conclusion to my income tax “situation” (yes, it has been upgraded to a situation).  These past updates include: Meeting my CPA Tomorrow – What should You Bring when Meeting with your CPA? Taxes areContinue Reading

Colleges are the Next Big Bubble to Burst

I am going to keep this post short since it is nothing more than a “crazy” theory of mine.  The Wall Street Journal just published an article titled, “Student Loans: Default Rates Are Soaring” written by Anne Marie Chaker. Ms. Chaker highlights the stats: According to new numbers from the U.S. Department of Education, defaultContinue Reading

Planning for Children with Special Needs Part III – The Third Party Special Needs Trust

Disclaimer: You should always check with your financial or legal professional before estate or financial planning especially when dealing with as sensitive and advanced subject such as Children with Special Needs. This is the Third Part of a multi-post series on planning for children with special needs. Part I – Introduction Part II – LetterContinue Reading

Happy Easter

I have mentioned at some point that while I am not really super religious, I am Greek Orthodox and Today is Greek Easter! I have to have at least ONE Greek reader so I figured I’d say Happy Easter and Christos Anesti! Why is Greek Orthodox Easter a Different Date than Western Christian Religions (RomanContinue Reading