Monthly Archives: March 2009

For Most Investors Diversification is Key

I felt horrible today as one of the planners who works in my office brought up a client we worked on 2 years ago.  As I have explained in the about me, I am back office support for a lot of fee based and commission based financial planners. This particular client came across my deskContinue Reading

9 Personal Finance Lessons from Legend of Zelda

As I was going through this Week’s Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Free Money Finance (hell yeah my article on Verifying your Beneficiaries was chosen by FMF) I found a GREAT blog post that I had to rip off. Let me be clear, I am completely ripping off Pimp Your Finances’ post – his article, titledContinue Reading

Meeting my CPA Tomorrow What Should You Bring when Meeting to do Your Taxes

Well technically, since I am writing this post-12am on Sunday night/Monday morning it is today, but lets ignore that for now.  Weather permitting (anyone else out there on “the island” getting nailed by snow?), the Wife and I are meeting with our accountant/CPA that was recommended by a co-worker, and I need to figure outContinue Reading