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When to Fire your Financial Advisor / Adviser

When to Fire your Financial Advisor / Adviser Believe it or not, despite the recent volatility and drop very few planners at my office have been fired by clients!  I will go into the reason a little later (or at least my humble theory).  While revewing the Personal Finance section at WSJ Online – I came across a great article writtenContinue Reading

Credits, Deductions, Oh My! Summary of Recent Income Tax Changes

I was doing research on the recent changes in income taxes for one of the planners at my office, and I came across one of the coolest sites summarizing the changes (that is if you can describe any kind of tax stuff as “cool”).   I am only going to highlight those income tax changes in 2008Continue Reading

Some Links that I found Interesting

I have never really done a post highlighting links that I like but tonight I ran into a few links that I feel EVERYONE should check out. Ever wonder what a TRILLION dollars actually looks like? If you were curious whether the Emergency Fund has made it to mainstream? Wonder no more…The WSJ has coveredContinue Reading

The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility and Debt Repayment

Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility I got on the subject of Law of diminishing Marginal Utility with The Wife today, a theory which I was able to explain to her today in english.  Despite it being an economic theory (read: usually hard) it is quite easy to understand.   First thing is first - utility means satisfaction.  Investopedia defines the LawContinue Reading

Life is More than Just Finances

There is More to Life than Finances I  got a very large reminder today that life is about more than just finance, personal or otherwise.  Today (3/9/09), I spent approximately 14 hours in a hospital.  My dad had an aortic valve replaced (AVR Surgery).  My dad is an interesting guy he is otherwise known as “Pops”,  Uncle “hisContinue Reading

Financial Update 3/4/09

One of the main reasons I started this site was to keep myself accountable to anyone that was reading!  Boy, have I failed (go ahead and yell at me…its cool). Right now I am focusing on debt repayment, when that is over I will work on pumping up my savings and I will share thoseContinue Reading