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Best of My Journey to Millions for 2009

Thank You! Thank you to everyone that reads this blog and comments on it! I love interacting with people and encourage people to email me to talk about anything.  This year I wrote 168 posts and just wanted to highlight a couple of my favorites from each month: Favorite Posts from My Journey to MillionsContinue Reading

Four Words in Personal Finance that Piss me Off…and The Wife Says them All the Time

I can’t explain it, but for some reason whenever The Wife says the words, “We Can’t Afford It” my blood boils. I mean makes me argue something fierce. Hell, even writing about it makes me use weird terms like “something fierce.”  The anger can actually compound if those words are, Said to someone else; and/orContinue Reading

What to do with Unwanted or Semi Used Gift Cards

Every year I receive gift cards, and in the past I wouldn’t always use the entire balance, or I just wouldn’t the card at all (*gasp*).  So I had to come up with a couple of ways to combat wasting the gift card. Before you judge me about wasting gift cards, according to the NewContinue Reading

What Did African Americans Think Obama was Going to do?

Want to know me brought me sheer joy? A couple of articles highlighting that some African Americans just learned that the President of the United States is the President of the entire United States not just of one minority group (The Politico Piece, POTUS’s Outlook on Black America is the one that got me startedContinue Reading

A Review of My Actual Prosper Account

I have mentioned in the past that I really like P2P Lending, or Person to Person Lending.  I had previously talked about Prosper, when they brought back lending to New York, and most recently as an alternative source for liquid cash, but I have never given details about my account. Until Today. I always thoughtContinue Reading

I Don’t Think I Get PF Blogging

I think after 18 months I still don’t really get Personal Finance Blogging.    I am a huge fan of my blogroll (probably why it is my blogroll and why I check it multiple times a day) but sometimes I get confused on those sites. Actually, it isn’t the site that confuses me rather the responses thoseContinue Reading