Yearly Archives: 2008

Education Loan Interest is Not Always Tax Deductible

It seems to be a common statement among parents, planners, financial aid people, some bloggers, etc. that Don’t worry about education loans, they are tax deductible… Like most tax advice given…it is a half truth. Student Loans Are not Always Tax Deductible Yes, your interest is tax deductible if you don’t pass certain threshold incomeContinue Reading

My First Carnival!

Check out the Carnival of Personal Finance #167 – “Highlights from the Beijing 2008 Olympics” hosted by Broke Grad Student!  My first carnival post how exciting!

Top 5 Finance Sites

I spend an healthy amount of time on the Internet, so I figured I would share my favorite 5 free finance related sites.  The reason I limited the list to free is not due to alliteration, but rather I am part of the generation that assumes everything on the Internet should be free, including great information.  I decidedContinue Reading

Come on! Olympic Walking?

When did walking become an Olympic sport?  I understand it is power walking, but come on! Why do they have to look like their waddling?  Just some thoughts. Yeah that is what is on CNBC at 12:45am.

Reasonable Car Purchase – Why?

I was in the middle or writing a post about a theory I came up with about selling my car to take advantage of the crazy deals Detroit is putting out there (See GM and Ford and Jeep), but as I wrote the post I realized how truly happy I am with my car andContinue Reading

Introduction to Financial Aid

A co-worker needed information as to financial aid planning, so I started researching away. It should be noted that beyond my parent’s attempt (it should be noted that they completely failed at navigating this world), and my independent status during law school, I have very little experience in the way of college planning. If thereContinue Reading