Monthly Archives: November 2008

Bank Fees are on the Rise

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year or so, you have been hearing about the bank crises and how almost every bank needs cash (and quickly).  So I guess it is not surprising, that bank fees are rising and if you don’t watch out you may get hit with anContinue Reading

Who Supports our Country? The Wealthy Pay Provide Most of Income Taxes

I know the title may be a tad dramatic, but I read an article from The Economist where the Author makes note that the deficit had been reduced (from 2004 to 2007) by, at least in part, due to the increase in income taxes from the wealthy getting wealthier in this country.  Take a momentContinue Reading

My Birthday

Not sure if this blows up my spot – but it is my birthday today! Happy Birthday to me. Update: After checking the blog today, I thought to myself what a sh!tty bday post to myself.  As such, we need to update some stuff as a sort of time capsel for myself to check comeContinue Reading

Why does the Auto Industry Lease Cars?

This post is not your usual Personal Finance Blog post (although I like to think most of my stuff isn’t the “usual”).  This is not a post discussing whether I am going to lease or finance my next car. Rather, I have had a burning question that I couldn’t find an asnwer for, by theContinue Reading

Why we Have the Electoral College

Why We Have the Electoral College Random Mid-day post (at work currently) but this video emphasizes the reason the Founding Fathers in their infinite wisdom proposed the Electoral College! Maybe when I get home tonight I’ll do a post on what the electoral college is, but right now this video needs to be shared!

Carnival of Personal Finance #177

The Sun’s Financial Diary hosted this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance (#177) featuring over 85 posts!  One of these posts was my post titled, To Know Thyself is the Only Way to Overcome You.  As always here are a few of my favs:  Stumble Forwardgoes into 5 ways to keep your Debt Plan moving forward.  Continue Reading