Monthly Archives: November 2008

Personal Finance is Well….Personal

I have written about this before, but in the past week I was involved in an incident which made me want to reiterate that personal finance is less about the numbers, but more about personal decisions based on one’s personalty, perspective and life. The first came when a good friend came by my house andContinue Reading

How Soon we Forget – Gas Prices Drop

There is an interesting debate going on Blueprint to Financial Prosperity, when he highlighted the “hack” that one could trigger Costco’s “member prices” when you use an amex card (full post and ensuing debate HERE). For various reasons, I am not going to get into the moral debate whether someone should use another person’s membershipContinue Reading

An Interesting Proposal – An Investment Club

It is funny how sometimes someone brings up something you were thinking about – probably has something to do with “mind-mend” (Break up Reference – anyone? anyone?).  Well, lately I have been thinking about setting up some sort of non-qualified (i.e. not retirement $) investment schedule.  What is stopping me? That stupid stupid debt meterContinue Reading

A Second Stimulus Will Not Solve your Problems

If you read other personal finance blogs, you’ll see my name all over the comments so I always click the little box that says email if there is a new comment – well my email box, has never been more bombarded than when the topic of second stimulus check comes up.  Want a great exampleContinue Reading

BUD – An American Company No More! What would 1 Share Purchased 24 Years ago of Anheuser-Busch be Worth When it Was Finally Sold Yesterday

While it has been in the news recently, it became official yesterday, Anheuser-Busch is no longer an American Company.  That’s right, your favorite domestic beer company is now owned by beer GIANT InBev – you can find some full articles HERE, HERE and HERE.  Never heard of InBev?  Guess Again - from their press release today: …overContinue Reading

The Simplest Personal Finance Advice to Newlyweds

My older brother got married on Friday, so to say the least, last week was nuts around my parts.  I gave him a very generous gift, but to be honest it was the same exact generous gift he gave me 5 months ago.  So I got to thinking – what personal finance advice could IContinue Reading