Monthly Archives: October 2008

Wall Street Journal’s Tips for Surviving this Financial Nightmare

Brett Arends from the Wall Street Journal Personal Finance Section wrote a great article titled, “What You Can Do Right Now – Unpredictable Politics make this a tough moment to invest.  Here are some sound strategies for protecting – and still growing – your money.” The article provides 10 basic tips, in his opinion 10 tipsContinue Reading

Increase in FDIC Limits? Who Cares?

CNBC has highlighted the major pork add-ons in the 2nd bail out bill bumping it up to a slim 400 pages!  There is one that is getting a lot of press, but I am confused why.  CNBC highlights that, The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp’s current insurance limit on bank deposits would rise to $250,000 per accountContinue Reading

Carnival of Personal Finance #172

My article, “Leave your Retirement Account Alone” was chosen for the Carnival of Personal Finance #172hosted by Debt Kid.  A great Carnival, here are a few of my fav. articles:   The Happy Rock, provides a place to watch “In Debt we Trust.”  I haven’t had the opportunity to watch it yet, but I look forward toContinue Reading