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The Certificate of Deposit Debate Rages on!

While reading some of my favorite blogs, I came across a great blog, No Debt Plan (which I admittedly don’t think I have ever read before).  It turns out, Kevin, was struggling whether to purchase a  CD, a few days before, and his eventual decision was made subsequent to my post on the subject. I thought it would beContinue Reading

Are Certificate of Deposits (CDs) worth it?

I can’t be the only one out there, but I can’t grasp why people would do invest/purchase a Certificate of Deposit (CD).  Specifically, I am focusing on the 1 year CD because anything shorter has terrible yields and anything longer poses too much of an interest rate risk for my tastes.  I started thinking aboutContinue Reading

Simple Explanation of the Federal Estate Tax

On a daily basis I have to turn complicated tax issues into a simple discussion.  A discussion that I have to discuss/teach very often is the Federal Estate Tax.  Before we discuss the easy way to determine your Federal Estate Tax bill some caveats: The calculations below are commonly referred to as “Napkin Math.”  Meaning,Continue Reading

5 Ways to Save Money when Planning your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a weird experience.  You may start out not wanting a very elaborate ceremony, but the more you find out about all the cool things you can go with a wedding the more money you want to spend. After all, why just elope to the county courthouse when you can elope toContinue Reading

Capital Gains Exclusion for Sale of Primary Residence

I think everyone is somewhat familiar with the idea that when they sell their primary residence (stock in a co-operative housing corporation (co-op) can also receive an exclusion if you meet the tests) they do not have to pay all the capital gains, so like my other posts, I wanted to explain (in English) what andContinue Reading

Cell Phone Service for People who are Hard of Hearing or are Deaf

The Wife and I currently have the Sprint SERO deal, which is an amazing deal.  Currently, I am paying $30/month for 500 mins, unlimited text messages and unlimited data.  The Wife needs more mins, so she has 1200 mins, unlimited text messages, and unlimited data for $50/month. SERO is an acronym for Sprint Employee ReferrelContinue Reading