I am Done With Automatic Dividend Reinvestments

Every month I take an hour or two to create a dividend watch list where I attempt to find undervalued dividend champion stocks, but after I purchase my particular lot for the month it is set on autopilot until I decide to sell.  It was during a review of what, if any, positions I should 

March 2015 Net Worth Update

I can’t believe we are done with two fulls months of 2015 already! I know it’s cliche to say but damn it time flies. With another month in the books it is time to calculate the increase or decrease in my net worth month over month and year to date (which in this case is

The First Step for any Financial Goal is Usually the Same

It doesn’t matter if your financial goal is to get out of debt, create a passive income stream, retire early, retire at a normal age, or build a dividend investment portfolio, the first step should always the same – figure out where you are currently.  While creating a blog might be a bit of an

A Benefit of Holding Individual Stocks that No One Mentions

I have held some of my individual holdings for a few years, and came to the realization that there have been no ongoing fees with those particular holdings.  That is a huge benefit of holding individual stocks that no one really talks about. Mutual Funds and to a much lesser extent most ETFs have a

Should Retail Buy and Hold Investors Listen to Analysts Ratings?

Every morning on the drive to work (at a red light of course) I check cnbc.com and look for who has moved in pre-market and after hours trading. Some nights/mornings a stock will be significantly different than the close price because of an actual reporting, however, more often than not, the change is based purely

February 2015 Dividend Watch List

Every month for the past couple of years I have spent a few hours putting together this post.  You may think that a few hours is long time, but most people put more time in searching for a TV, Computer or other consumer item that will likely be gone before I sell my holding.  The