6 Ways to Increase Personal Wealth at any Age

Whether you earn a little or a lot, there are ways to increase your personal wealth. The truth is, being financially independent isn’t only reserved for the wealthy. You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon or receive the best financial education to grow your net worth. However, you do need to makeContinue Reading

What’s the Difference Between Growth and Value Investors?

I was talking to an investment club partner a few months back about different stocks and it occurred to me half way though the conversation that we were attempting to get to the same place (i.e. a profitable investment) but taking two completely different routes.  I forget the particular investment we were talking about butContinue Reading

Job Searching – Staying Under the Radar

Guest post by Danielle When you are currently employed, it may not be in your best interest to let your employer or coworkers know that you are searching for a job. While it may be illegal to fire you, it can be done in a less-than-desirable way. Those times when you are a mere minuteContinue Reading

Be Fearful of Financial Planners and Investment Advisors Who Promise Consistently High Returns

I came across a great proverb in a recent CNBC article titled, “Investments and the ghost of Bernie Madoff” that seems to line up perfectly when I ask the question why an “expert” really needs my money, Farr [an investment advisor], in an email exchange, recounted the tale of a college professor who had his studentsContinue Reading

Ignoring The Wolf of Wall Street and getting ahead in finance

The world of finance hasn’t exactly been having a good time in the media, has it? Since the economic meltdown of 2008, the vision of the fat cat banker has made the rounds in the public image, with films like The Wolf of Wall Street, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps and Blue Jasmine showcasingContinue Reading

How to Delegate Without Losing Control

Good leaders delegate. As an entrepreneur, you have probably heard this a thousand times from business development experts, mentors and business course professors while you worked to earn your MBA degree. You know that delegating less important tasks frees up time to work on strategic objectives, but if you’re like many entrepreneurs, you find lettingContinue Reading